The Color Wheel Guide

💜💙♥️💚🧡Color Theory Fashion!🧡💚♥️💙💜
Whether you ever considered yourself a Fashion Stylist or not…Guess what??? YOU ARE!

Check out my YouTube video by clicking this: Ultimate Color Wheel & Fashion Guide

💎We need to be able to apply our Fashionista culture to our everyday life and also be ready to show these Styling Fashion Tips to our customers!
👗Misty Kirby’s General Session at Convention was CRAZY AMAZING! She not only talked about the designs of the jewelry, but also how to accessorize with the clothes we wear to include the style, patterns and colors!
👚The Color Theory Fashion can also be applied to our accessories as well! Use these pictures to help you color coordinate wardrobes of jewelry! Fall doesn’t have to be a season of warm colors! Brighten it up with some yellow ☀️ HAVE FUN WITH IT!

💎 This will help you learn how to match up colors with outfits and accessories helping you to upsell and make your accessories more appealing to buy.

 Reference Pictures below and share out to your teams: