My Life Changing Story

Have you ever wanted to be part of something that will change not only your life, but the world?  Well I have life changing news for you.  It's the story of my life with Paparazzi Accessories. 

I was first introduced to Paparazzi by some of my coworkers/friends in my office. They had brought a whole bunch of $5 jewelry into the office to show and sell. I wanted to support them and bought some pieces from them, never thinking of the business aspect. #1....I am not a direct sales person...I can't sell candy to a kid!  #2....I don't really accessorize. I wear my wedding ring and maybe a pair of studs every so often. One of the consultants had mentioned that their friend sells the jewelry on Facebook through a live.  At the time, I was thought that sounded fun, but still "NEVER" on my mind to join. I was in a season with God and asking him, where do you see me in these next few years and all of a sudden, I had this deep feeling in my heart that he was telling me to join this company because he wanted me to reach out to other women and men and pray for them and pour blessing over them. Shine light on their life, especially during troubled times. I had prayed about it for a solid month because like many of us women who have a husband, they will question our motives and intentions and they have every right to! My husband is very analytical and will ask 10 million questions to ensure he understands the whole process. This is one of the things that I love about him, but then again, I was scared.....because what if he said "No". That would mean I would go against what God wanted me to do. I continued to pray to God and he gave me this brilliant idea...prepare a proposal plan to your husband. I was so determined and passionate, I DID just that!  All my ideas were written down from what my Team Name was gonna be, how much money I would be making and how often would I need to spend time working this business, amongst many other things. During this preparation proposal time, we had helped with activities during a church outreach event to help a struggling community.  During that event, I had the opportunity to talk with an elder of the church who was bold and also a prophet. During our conversation, he said this to me, and I'll never forget it...."There's something about you. You plan on doing something big and no one knows about it.  Whatever it is, you need to do it, because you are going to be very successful at it." I had never told anyone that I was planning on joining. No one knew that I was writing a proposal plan nor even thought I would join a Direct Sales company. Hearing those words brought chills within me. I kindly told him I was praying to God for these past 3 weeks on joining a business. I kindly thanked him for the confirmation. Within the next week, I was ready to sit down with my husband and talk to him about the business. I was so nervous because I didn't know what he would say, but I knew one thing....God's hand was over it all.  He had many questions, which I was able to answer because I had my proposal plan. He did give my one task I needed to do in order to buy the kit that I wanted, and that was to sell whatever Disney inventory I had left to make the amount of money I wanted to buy my Starter Kit. I had bought Disney inventory at a low cost and had intentions to resell them at a higher cost to make some extra money. My sales were okay, but there was no connection with people and I was just breaking even. Well, I sold all my Disney inventory to get the Starter Kit that I wanted.....Yes, the $499 kit.  You cannot go wrong with the Free Convention Ticket. On May 15, 2019, I joined Paparazzi Accessories under Danielle Baker. I have a wonderful sponsor who is supportive and genuine. Your Sponsor is a critical part in your journey with Paparazzi Accessories, but it's what you make of it! It is ultimately your decision on how you want to ROCK your business and how well you want to succeed at it by putting the time and effort into it. Money does not grow on trees for most of us. I enjoy this business because of the many people that I get to meet and bless, the fun in shopping and selling, and empowering other men and women to build their confidence and financial freedom. I first thank God for allowing me to have this life changing opportunity. I thank my husband for his love and support. I am so blessed to have him as my husband. Thank you to my boys for being flexible when mommy is doing her FB live or inventory. Thank you to my Shine With Aloha Team for shaping me into the Leader I am today. They are truly wonderful friends. If you also want to experience strength, independence, confidence, and financial freedom, contact me at  I will answer your unanswered questions. Many have not heard of Paparazzi, but when you do, your life will positively change. God Bless You!