Premier App Training

This training focuses on your on-hand jewelry that you want to input into the Premier App.(ie. Hostess Rewards, Loose inventory). You must have the Paparazzi barcode.
Paparazzi Premier App Training - Preparing your CSV file for your inventory upload
1. Sort and organize your jewelry
Whether it's by color, alphanumeric, name, etc.
I sorted mine based on color:
0-200: Black/Gunmetal
201-300: Blue
301-400: Brown
401-500: Brass
501-600: Copper
601-700: Gold
701-800: Gray
801-900: Green
901-1000: Iridescent
1001-1200: Multi (more than two colors/metals)
1201-1300: Oil Spill
1301-1400: Orange
1401-1500: Pink
1501-1600-: Purple
1601-1700: Red
1701-1900: Silver
1901-2000: White/Clear
2001-2100: Yellow
2101-after: Open
Continue to store these inventory just as is and not by color:
*Fashion Fix
*Hair Accessories
Supplies on Amazon used to prepare my jewelry:
Consecutively Numbered Labels. Measure: 1.5" X 0.75" Paper Material (Various Number Sequences Available) (0001-1000)
📌Protector Sheets (recommend 3.3 mil thickness. Any thinner and it's too flimsy)
Samsill Recycled 500 Heavyweight Sheet Protectors, Clear Page Protectors for 3 Ring Binder, 3.3 MIL Thick Top Loading Document Protectors, Holds 10+ Sheets, Archival Safe/Acid Free, Bulk Pack of 500
16 quart clear plastic bin (shown during the live)
11x11 cubicle bins (Amazon)
Limited-time deal: 6 Pack - SimpleHouseware Foldable Cube Storage Bin, Black
2. Enter your information in the CSV file
📍Create your own CSV file by opening up Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.  Use the 3 columns as viewed in the picture and save the file as a CSV file.
● SKU - This is the Paparazzi SKU found on the plastic packaging of your pieces.
● Quantity - This column will represent the total number you have of that specific piece.
● Item Number - This is a number that you can assign to each item for your own personal organization or management of your inventory
When looking for a scanner, ensure that it works with a computer/laptop, Excel and support 128 barcodes.
I have this one from Amazon because it was on sale for $17. Now it's $35. Its wireless, but I just use the USB cord.
Tera Barcode Scanner Wireless Versatile 2-in-1 (2.4Ghz Wireless+USB 2.0 Wired) with Battery Level Indicator, 328 Feet Transmission Distance Rechargeable 1D Laser Bar Code Reader USB Handheld (Black)
Here's a more affordable one compatible with excel and has a USB cord on Amazon:
NetumScan USB 1D Barcode Scanner, Handheld Wired CCD Barcode Reader Supports Screen Scan UPC Bar Code Reader for Warehouse, Library, Supermarket
If you need product images, barcodes or descriptions, search the magnifying glass at
You can also watch this training for another method of gathering tge Paparazzi barcodes, images, etc using your Paparazzi website.
3. When the Premier app is available, you’ll be able to upload your csv file.