Want to Earn FREE Jewelry?

Have you seen the Fun & Fashionable Jewelry that Paparazzi Accessories has? If not, you are missing out on all this fun. If you have...you know you are in for a treat to accessorize yourself.  It's easy to earn free jewelry by Hosting a Party.

Contact me at shinewithaloha@gmail.com to Host a Jewelry Party. I have several options on doing this and that is through a Facebook Live or Facebook Messenger Party. Basically, we work on sending an invite to all your friends and have them come to the party to have fun shopping together with others along with playing games for them to win free jewelry as well. You'll earn free jewelry for being the Hostess, selling a certain amount of pieces, an/or having others book & host parties off of your party. Everyone always has fun and will have so many accessories to choose from.